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Betriebsdatenerfassung / Prozessleittechnik


Standard display for kiln and rotary dryers showing firing and drying curves

Standard display showing a chamber dryer with 12 chambers and dry and wet air overview

Standard display of a TOW bypass. The trolleys can be moved and corrected directly here.

Display for a plant (an example of a wet side is shown here). The page is fully configurable.

PLANYS integral

The operating system for your factory

clear, configurable, future-proof

  • Plasticity control
  • Dryer control
  • Kiln control
  • Car handling/transfer
  • Quality management
  • Production data acquisition
  • Product tracking
  • A single user interface for the entire plant-future-oriented Web service design, browser-based operation

The product

  • We offer an integrated solution and documentation for each stage in process management, regardless of whether you are in the facility, the office or at home.
  • After user login, the full range of functions can be accessed at any time from any workstation - whether on-site, in the office or at home. The uniform, familiar interface makes operation easier, thus enhancing user motivation and operating efficiency.
  • The state-of-the-art software design of PLANYS integral (based on a central web server with SQL database) together with local user philosophy and flexibility provides an optimal solution that fully supports the production process and meets the present and future needs of our customers.

Process control system

  • PLANYS integral combines a wide-ranging, detailed process control with process analysis.
  • PLANYS integral supports a variety of tasks such as kiln control, rotary and chamber dryer control, car transfer and monitoring as well as plasticity control, no matter whether developing a new control system or modifying an existing one.
  • Plant optimization as a result of installing the full control system is a core competence of THERMOPLAN and has been carried out success-fully in many different areas.

Production Data Acquisition (PDA)

  • The PLANYS integral PDA module collects data from process automation, operating conditions, quantities and units.
  • The system can be configured with respect to which data is collected and to how it is connected. The configuration is user-friendly (specialist knowledge is not required) and is menu-driven within the framework of the user interface. It can be adapted to plant modifications by the user at any time.

Product Tracking (PT)

  • Based on the PLANYS integral overall approach, the PT module allows different types of process data to be collected and merged in a batch-oriented manner.
  • This allows the relevant production and process factors to be assigned to each product batch.

Quality Management (QM)

  • The PLANYS integral QM module helps your quality control to meet the requirements of ISO9001.
  • We also offer configurable QM solutions in accordance with individual requirements which support and administer the collection of local data and input of quality-related data.

Process integration

  • The open PLANYS integral concept supports PLC-driven automated concepts and industrial fieldbus systems.
  • This allows the integration of non-homogeneous automation structures (such as different controls and/or programming structures and plant manufacturers).

Independent integration

  • Designed and operated as a browser-based solution - the concept can be easily integrated into operational structures.
  • Data can be exported directly to other WINDOWS® applications. This reduces the time and effort required to process and present information and contributes significantly to efficiency.

Your advantages

  • Only one system operated locally
  • Only one central system to be serviced and maintained
  • All information available online
  • The operating structure supports modern, flat hierarchies
  • Lateral transfer of information between plant units
  • Core competences of THERMOPLAN are
  • Plasticity control
  • Kiln and dryer control
  • Production data acquisition
  • Car tracking/management
  • Product tracking
  • Plant optimization
  • Central documentation, locally accessible
  • Integration and extension of existing network structures